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“We create garden furniture for people who have an uncompromising approach to the
quality. We want to help them create a comfortable zone of relaxation
and rest with their loved ones.”

“We create garden furniture for people who have an uncompromising approach to the
quality. We want to help them create a comfortable zone of relaxation
and rest with their loved ones.”

Bazardo is a family company that creates garden furniture
with passion and enthusiasm. The process of creating our
furniture - from design, through the selection of the
highest quality materials, to the precise production
process - gives us great satisfaction.

We believe that we create not only a product,
but above all we help clients create a unique zone
for rest and relaxation with their loved ones. A place
where they will feel comfortable.

What is most important to us?

We run our business in line with the idea of ​​slow life,
attaching great importance to quality and acting in
accordance with the principle of sustainable business.
The idea of ​​slow life is particularly close to us. We adhere
to the principle that in life it is worth slowing down,
calming down, forgetting at least for a while
about the chaos that surrounds us, and focusing on what
is really important. According to this philosophy, in every
home there should be a place to rest.

And is there a better place to rest than your own comfortable sofa, when surrounded by nature and in the company of your loved ones?

A comfortable sofa, especially one exposed to changing weather conditions, must be extremely durable. That is why quality is so important to us. We devote a lot of attention to it, we invest in top-notch materials and new technological solutions, we pay attention to details and precisely plan the production process of each piece of furniture. In this respect, we never take shortcuts, nor do we accept any compromises. Quality is inscribed in the DNA of our brand.

When creating our company, deciding to cooperate with business partners or choosing materials to use, we are guided by the principles of sustainability. The health of our planet is very important to us. How do we care for it? First of all, we cooperate only with such suppliers who pursue the same values ​​as us.

Our wood suppliers are FSC certified,

which means that buying our product you can be sure that the wood used for its production comes from forests in which, among others the fauna and flora are protected, and new trees are planted in the place of felled ones. Our fabric suppliers hold another important certificate - ISO 14001, which means that they monitor the impact of their processes, products and services on the natural environment.

Bazardo operates also in the spirit of less waste - we manufacture furniture to client’s order, so we do not mass produce and we do not rent large storage space. We also take care of recycling the materials we use for production and we recycle clients’ worn-out furniture.

We are proud of our "Bazardo - We
Plant Trees" campaign.

Every customer who buys a piece of furniture from our collection can be sure that we will plant a tree on their behalf. Because we believe that every small step is of great importance.

We invite you

to follow us online and to contact us by email or phone.
We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Want to see the furniture live?

Look for selected collections of our furniture in partner stores.
We also encourage you to visit us at the fair.


Bazardo Sp. z o.o.
Liliowa 17k
04 - 953 Warsaw

+48 730 017 875



Bazardo sp. z o.o.
Liliowa 17k
04 - 953 Warsaw

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